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ការណែរនាំក្នុងការលក់អចលនទ្រព្យ ការណែរនាំក្នុងការលក់អចលនទ្រព្យ 15 March, 2020

នៅពេលដែលលោក លោកស្រីពិចារណាក្នុងការលក់អចលនទ្រព្យសូមលោក លោកស្រីពិចារណានៅចំណុចណែនាំដូចខាងក្រោម៖ ១) ស្វែងរកភ្នាក់ងារអចលនទ្រព្យសូមស្វែងរកភ្ន

Guide to Rent Property in Cambodia Guide to Rent Property in Cambodia 14 February, 2020

While any international move can be challenging, moving into Cambodia requires a few lifestyle adjustments. Nowadays, with proper planning, most foreigners settle in comfortably and quickly come to appreciate the unique cultural and social opportunities in this fast-growing capital afford.   It is very important to engineering a convenient and rewarding lif

Guide to buy property in Cambodia Guide to buy property in Cambodia 14 February, 2020

1) Planning and Funding When considering purchasing a property in Cambodia, a buyer’s biggest concerns are:Good location,Property pricing,Supportive infrastructure, Healthy environment,Legality. Generally speaking, however, a property purchase is a large investment. Also, Cambodian people now generally require a loan or mortgage to finance such a purchase.We will tackle financing in a

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