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Despite its distance from the capital, Ratanakiri is considered such wonderland of green scenery that people wish for a shortcut to get there faster. With some road improvement, the journey to this province is truly worth your effort. Located in the Northeastern edge of Cambodia, bordering Vietnam and Laos, this calm province lies on a big vast of land to glorious mother nature, eye-catching waterfalls and stunning forest views. What to bear in mind is that Ratanakiri hosts multiple ethnic groups of indigenous people in Cambodia, even though they have now integrated into a modern lifestyle.

Ratanak Kiri Province is bordered with Vietnam to the East, Stung Treng to the West, Mondul Kiri and Vietnam to the South and Laos to the North. The province is subdivided into 8 Districts and 1 City, which are further subdivided into 46 Communes (Khum), 4 Sangkats and 243 Villages (Phum).

No Code Name in Khmer Name in English Commune Sangkat Village
01 1601
Andoung Meas
3 0 21
02 1602
Ban Lung City
0 4 19
03 1603
Bar Kaev
6 0 34
04 1604
Koun Mom
6 0 23
05 1605
6 0 26
06 1606
Ou Chum
7 0 37
07 1607
Ou Ya Dav
7 0 29
08 1608
Ta Veaeng
2 0 20
09 1609
Veun Sai
9 0 34


Located in a nestle highland area, this province experiences both the cold and hot weather, but not so extreme in both. Such a weather condition and red soil allow a healthy growing condition to peanuts, cashew nuts, rubber, soya beans, corn, vegetables, coffee beans,  and fruits. With its connection to the Vietnamese border, the checkpoint offers a potential investment and trade to both agriculture and agro-industry. Also, abundance in natural and aquatic resources puts Rattankiri in the spotlight of foreign investors in mining and hydropower, according to Cambodiainvestment.gov.kh.


Ratanakiri, whispering peace with diverse sites of interest, bless the locals with its natural and cultural resources, which has, later on, urged provincial tourism development. Indigenous living allows for great stories to tell your curious friends and family. The forestry surrounding Yeak Lom lake has become a wonder and blessing to the soul. Then, a site visit to the only coffee bean farm in town makes for a big deal for awe-inspiring appreciation and visit. Last, but not least, a trip to hill tribes offers you another glimpse of exotic scenes, with minority groups believed to have preserved their traditions and practices very dear, until now.


Tourists expect to witness indigenous people's lifestyles and practices, which gives you more goosebumps. However, in the past decades, the minority groups have integrated, developed and grown in a typical Cambodian style. The central town of Banlung is equipped with modern infrastructure, building, and decorations, suitable for a great evening hang-out. Still, you will find a different situation in other remote sites for different farming fields with various activities.  


In the old days,  the road connecting Phnom Penh with Ratanakiri provincial town- Banlung- was a nightmare, with no paved roads. You can currently count a few transportation companies of minivans and buses and taxi cars. This minivan and bus rental proves very convenient for a group trip. However, departure schedules vary, given its distance, and the fare starts from 37,000 riels (US$09.00). You can also catch a taxi to cross the border to Laos and neighboring provinces, according to tourism Cambodia. 

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