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One of the most exhilarating provinces to enjoy different vibes,Β Koh Kong sits in the very Southwestern part of Cambodia, with a very interesting geographic landscape. It is home to a coastline, mountains, and a border to Thailand, making for a splendid place to explore. Its area is 11,160 square kilometers and most surrounded by forests, mountains, and rivers. Once in Koh Kong, you will find an array of connected bridges and enjoy the buzzing life on the river, according to Tourism Cambodia.

Koh Kong Province is bordered with Kampong Speu and Kampot to the East, Thailand to the West, Preah Sihanoukville to the South, and Pursat to the North. The province is subdivided into 6 Districts and 1 City, which are further subdivided into 26 Communes (Khum), 3 Sangkats and 119 Villages (Phum).

No Code Name in Khmer Name in English Commune Sangkat Village
01 0901
Botum Sakor
4 0 21
02 0902
Kiri Sakor
3 0 9
03 0903
αž€αŸ„αŸ‡αž€αž»αž„Β  Β Β 
Kaoh Kong
4 0 11
04 0904
Khemara Phoumin City
0 3 11
05 0905
Mondol Seima
3 0 13
06 0906
Srae Ambel
6 0 37
07 0907
αžαŸ’αž˜αž”αžΆαŸ†αž„Β  Β Β 
Thma Bang
6 0 17


What makes Koh Kong special is its border with Thailand, which enables on-going trade and activation of sub-sectors. However, some rural households still depend on farming for their living. Catering and trading activities are heavily demanding, especially with the border development in progress. Despite the progress, it is still less advanced than neighboring countries, according to Angkorfocus. Hence, Koh Kong is an economic hub for fishing, salt production, sand, and other commercial activities. Furthermore, the areas to invest in include agriculture, industry, and tourism.Β 


A trip to Koh Kong is always so much more eye-catching than the coastline sightseeing. This natural heritage hub is home to the biggest rainforest in Southeast Asia. Β Its city β€˜ Krong Koh Kong’ is a center surrounded by rivers and connected with different parts of the province by the bridges. In spite of its peace, the town may keep you staying longer than a night so you could explore islands, nature, and rivers and nightlife. These traits are not familiar sights in the capital city, stated in Tourism Cambodia.Β 


It is pretty safe to mention different fancy spots in the province as it's not only a business hub but also a nature hub. There, you can find its resident living their normal lives as farmers, hanging around or residing near the forests, and those elegant-looking office workers. Koh Kong people enjoy diverse activities, such as buzzing nightlife, markets, meals by the coastline, a safari world, fancy restaurants and varied resorts for different classes, reported in wiki travel.Β 


According to Tourism Cambodia, options to commute come by bus, minibus, van, taxi. These transports are available mostly in the morning and afternoon shifts are mostly operated upon demand. The pricing is very reasonable and most tickets can be purchased online. You can also reach the province from Thailand under a one-month visa and explore awesome places, described above of your choice. Boat rides are an additional solution to get there, enjoying an endless sight of the ocean from Sihanouk to Koh Kong, ending up with goosebumps, yet so much adventure and thrill.

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