ដីសំរាប់ជួលនៅបឹងកេងកង3 (C-5569)

ដីសំរាប់ជួលនៅបឹងកេងកង3 (C-5569)

Boeng Keng Kang Ti Bei, Boeng Keng Kang, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Face And Features

Type Land
Floor 0
Bed 0
Bath 0
Lot (sqm) 270
Size (sqm) 0
Price (sqm) $0
Aircon None
Livingroom 0
Parking 0
Year Built

For Rent $3,000/mth

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Property Description

ដីសំរាប់ជួលនៅបឹងកេងកង3 (C-5569)
✅ តម្លៃ: $3,000/ខែ
- ទំហំ: 10m x 27m
- កុងត្រា: 3 ឆ្នាំ
- កក់ : 3 ខែ
- បង់មុន: 1 ខែ
✅ Land for rent at BKK3.
✅ Price: $3,000/month
- Size: 10m x 27m
- Contract: 3 years
- Deposit : 3 months
- Advance: 1 month
Please contact us:
085222768(line ,Telegram ,Whatsapp)
WeChat ID : imperial-realty
សូមធ្វើការទំនាក់ទនងដើម្បីណាត់ជួបពិភាក្សា និងមើលផ្ទះតាមទូរស័ព្ទលេខ
​*085222768(All Chat/line ,Telegram ,Whatsapp)
WeChat ID : imperial-realty
Please contact me at: +85585222768

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Views since listing 11/February/2022
Property ID: R-110222-140308

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