Listing Date: 26 Aug 2021 | Print Date: 05 Dec 2023

Linked House For Sale​|Rent in Borey Peng Huoth 60m (The Star Diamand)

Address: Chak Angrae Kraom, Mean Chey, Phnom Penh

Contact Agent

Sambathvireak Nguon

Marketing Manager

H/P: +855099288779 | +8550719288779

Email: [email protected]

Face And Features

Type Link House
Floor 0
Bed 4
Bath 5
Lot (sqm) 0
Size (sqm) 61.2
Price (sqm) $0
Aircon None
Livingroom 1
Parking 0
Year Build

For Sale $255,000 Est. Mortgage: $1,918/month


-ផ្ទះវីឡាកូនកាត់ សម្រាប់លក់​ ឬជួល / Linked House For Sale​ or Rent -ផ្ទះលេខ27 ផ្លូវR10 ក្នុងគម្រោងដឹស្តាដាយមិន ផ្លូវ60ម៉ែត្រ ចម្ងាយពីស្ពានច្បារអំពៅប្រហែល 2គីឡូម៉ែត្រ / House No27, StreetR10, In Borey Peng Huoth The Star Diamand 60m. -ផ្ទះបែរមុខមកទិសខាងលិច / Face to the west -តម្លៃលក់ /P rice :$255,000 (ចរចា / Negotiate) -តម្លៃជួល / Rental Fee :$1,100/m (ចរចា / Negotiate) -ទំហំផ្ទះ / House Size​:5m​ x 12m -កាត់ឈ្មោះត្រឹមបុរី/House Title transfer from Borey Peng Huoth Please contact me at: +855099288779 +8550719288779